About: Lisa

Lisa Taylor is a mother of three, trauma survivor, and multi-award-winning author living in New Zealand’s Northland. She became a certified pastoral sex addiction specialist (International Association of Certified Sex Addiction Specialists) in 2016. In 2017 she began her post-graduate studies in counseling at the University of Auckland.

Lisa has spent the last several years walking alongside women around the globe who have been betrayed by their husbands/partners. She has studied small group facilitation with both Marsha Means (JHJ) and Donna Meredith-Dixon (A Door of Hope) and runs an online support group.

Lisa, and her husband Michael, speak to Christian organizations and young people about pornography and sexual addiction, and God’s great plan for sexual intimacy.

Relevant Books

Prior to writing Beyond Betrayal, Lisa was an award-winning young adult/children's author. In 2016 she wrote and published a new book for this demographic on porn and sexting... versus God's good plans for sexuality. There's WHAT on my Phone? has been highly acclaimed by those working in the sex addiction treatment/prevention fields, including such Christian organizations as IACSAS, Covenant Eyes and Protect Young Eyes. Read more.

The award-winning, Beyond Betrayal takes an in-depth look at the issue of a woman’s healing from marital betrayal. It details Lisa's own journey and that of women she has walked alongside. Moreover, the book uses data from the largest survey to date of wives of sex addicts — and two others which have followed it. Read more.

Beyond Betrayal Couples' Guide acts as a companion guide to the Beyond Betrayal book. For husband's who want to more fully grasp their wife's journey, and enter more deeply into their own recovery, this is a key resource. Read more.

In Australia the Beyond Betrayal books can be purchased at Koorong, and in New Zealand at Oil of Joy Press. The U.S. versions can be purchased via Amazon and other online bookstores. The ebook version can be purchased here.