About: The "Ministry"

Beyond Betrayal, founded in 2014, has grown from a book to an international ministry of sorts. In other words, God has let us work with Him to help people in various places around the world, but especially in New Zealand and Australia. Until 2017 one happy, but not-even-remotely-wealthy family has joyfully funded the various projects of Beyond Betrayal including:

  • Book publishing and distribution
  • Video production
  • Websites: Beyond Betrayal, IACSAS.NZ
  • Speaking (usually for free or with some expenses covered)
  • Organizing sex addiction training events
  • Organizing/running retreats
  • Making resources (Keynote/Powerpoint and videos) available to women who wish to talk about PSA trauma to their church/Christian ministry
  • Facilitating free support groups
  • One-on-one support over skype or email
  • Financial support/resources to women and families in need due to sex addiction
  • Inviting women/families to “camp” with us at our place (under construction) for multiple days and be ministered to
  • Continuing education for Lisa and Michael

Some of the families directly involved have supported this work at times through kohas:* gifts of love ranging from money to fruit to a place to stay while travelling (or all of the above). Also, for the thousands of dollars we have spent on book creation and distribution we make back a small fraction of that money in sales (many of our books are sold in New Zealand at or near cost or given away to those in need). But overall, according to my bookkeeping, we spend thousands (and in one year more than 10,000) doing what we’re doing. Not to mention our time. Sometimes that feels like an “ouch” (because we do live rather below western world standards here, with our tiny home and outhouse), but mostly it just feels really good.

The Challenge of Receiving

While we would actually prefer to keep doing what we’ve been doing, the way we've been doing it, we have felt challenged in 2017 to share the blessings… and see what God does. We are increasingly aware of the needs of those around us — and our limitations in meeting them because of our stretched resources. We’re also feeling called to do things (some of which we’re not even that keen on doing, but He seems keen anyway), that we just don’t have the resources for.

Some of the things we think God may want us to do in 2017 are:

  • Continue with the Beyond Betrayal blog, including completing more videos (some of which are started)
  • Lisa attending a crucial International Association of Certified Sex Addiction Specialists (IACSAS) planning meeting in Atlanta in February (Lisa is on the board)
  • Lisa and Michael attending APSATS training with Dr. Barbara Steffans (and helping to organize that event in New Zealand)
  • Making more resources available for women in this field who want to speak to church groups, other Christian organizations, etc. (e.g. Powerpoint presentations, videos). One is available on request now.
  • Making more books available (affordably) to the hurting in NZ and Australia and to therapists who want to help them
  • Starting another NZ-based website on porn addiction (title: what’s the big deal)
  • Working with A Door of Hope and supporting them in the development of their ministry which trains wives of sex addicts to be support-group facilitators
  • Working with a group of therapists to bring more training to New Zealand and Australia for therapists and those in Christian ministry who want to help sex addicts, their spouses and families
  • Covering all the costs this year for Lisa’s and Michael’s Masters in Counselling (God miraculously covered tuition for us for this year, but there are still expenses such as gas/petrol and supervision)
  • Continuing to develop our accommodations for women/families impacted by sex addiction… so they can visit for multiple days in order to learn, be ministered to and heal

All of this will take time as well as money. It will also take a “way through” in the spiritual (because in the natural that’s a crazy load of stuff for one family, who also has to work for a living). We so appreciate your prayers. God is in charge, we’re trusting Him. We love working with Him and we love when He calls others to work alongside us in any capacity (even through the gift of verbal encouragement).

Please don’t in any way feel you need to support this "ministry" financially (I am aware that so many of our women have been left financially high and dry due to sex addiction – we want to minister to you!). However, for the few that God may call to do that, you can use the koha* button to send money. Remember you also support us by your prayers, by your words of encouragement, and if you live in New Zealand: we do love our organic fruit and not many of our trees are mature yet. ☺ Email us for our address if your koha takes a physical form.

Blessings on your 2017,
Aroha mai, aroha atu
Lisa and Michael

*Koha: a term of the Maori (New Zealand indigenous) people for a gift that expresses deep gratitude, affection and respect for what is being given.