Other Books by Lisa

Beyond Betrayal Couples' Guide

Recovery from sex addiction and betrayal trauma requires relationship. The most potentially healing relationships are those with God and our spouse. For many of us, however, our marriage relationship also poses the greatest challenges at this time.

Used with its award-winning companion book, Beyond Betrayal: How God is Healing Women (and Couples) from Infidelity, this chapter-by-chapter study guide gives men concrete guidelines on how to enter into their wife’s healing journey — while at the same time bolstering their own.

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There's WHAT on my Phone?

Chosen by Covenant Eyes as one of their recommended church resources, There’s WHAT on my Phone? was designed to give Christian parents and educators a tool to counteract the messages of today’s sexualised teen culture. Using:

  • A fictional story, geared toward kids aged 10-14
  • A non-fiction “What do I do if...” section for child/teen readers
  • Information for parents on porn and sexting in youth culture today
  • Further resources for parents and children/youth

There’s WHAT on my Phone? helps parents and teachers open up the discussion on unhealthy sexual behaviours in a frank, but non-threatening way.

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Motive Games Series

The multi-award-winning Motive Games series, gives teens (aged 13- 19) a fast-paced, high-tech mystery with heart and soul. Though set in the videogame industry, the stories get teens thinking about what kinds of values the entertainment industry is promoting, and how those values may contrast with a Christian worldview. Some of the many themes explored include: creating vs. consuming, hope vs. despair and protecting women vs. using women.

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