Resources: New Zealand/Australia

As of November 2015, a number of counsellors and clergy in New Zealand were trained in sex addiction and partner trauma by IACSAS (the international association of certified sex addiction specialists). In no particular order, local counsellors trained to work with wives of sex addicts (and/or their spouses) include:


Madeleine Hayden
Andrew Connolly
Jane Chester
John Taylor
Norma Luteru
Craig Gemmell
Bridget Wilson
Graham Wilson


Mark Whittaker
Robert Jenkinson

Bay of Plenty

Marian Schaeffer


Lynne Abel
Margaret Young

Support Groups

For more information about joining a support group for wives of sex addicts:

Northland Lisa Taylor
Bay of Plenty Marian Schaeffer
Christchurch Bianca Margetts

Queensland, Australia Amanda Jackson