The Beyond Betrayal Community blog and website is a forum where wives/partners of sex addicts* will find information, validation and encouragement about their healing journey. The main blogger is multi-award-winning author, Lisa Taylor. Guest bloggers include some of the leading names in the field of sex addiction and betrayal trauma counseling and coaching—Barb Steffens, Donna Meredith Dixon, Jason Martinkus—as well as others with a passion for this work. Women are invited to "join the discussion" at the end of each blog post... which is where some of the best validation, illumination and insight happens.

Having conducted the largest survey to date of wives of sex addicts, in 2014/2015 (for the award-winning Beyond Betrayal), I will frequently present and discuss those survey results.

Christian Perspective

In my experience, the only source of true and complete healing is the God who loves us, desires to be in relationship with us and who is always faithful. The thoughts and research shared on this blog will inevitably come back round to that point. Nevertheless, all are welcome here (no matter where you are in your faith journey) and I suspect that even if you disagree with some of the conclusions I — and the guest bloggers — come to, you will still find much to lift you up.

The Scope: Why Just Wives?

As our world becomes increasingly broken around healthy sexuality, the number of women with a sexual addiction, or propensity to unfaithfulness skyrockets. This means there are many men whose hearts have been broken by an unfaithful wife/ female partner. Because my experience and research have centred on the effects of betrayal on women, I will limit the scope of my discussions to that group. However, hurting men (either betrayed or betrayers) are welcome here. Blessings on your journey, as well.

From time to time, my husband ‘M’, will guest blog on subjects related to a wife’s healing from the perspective of a husband who wants to give support. You can read more about his ministry at whatsthebigdeal.nz (coming soon).


The blog is written predominantly in U.S.-English: as most of the community are (at this moment) in the U.S. Some posts (written by my friends down under) will be in Australia/NZ English. If the Kiwis/Aussies/Brits ever outnumber the Americans/Canadians in the community, I will consider switching the English over to "the queen's."

Love and blessings on your healing journey,

*Wives/partners of sex addicts—is a "catch all" term for any woman whose life have been impacted by infidelity: physical, virtual (e.g., online porn) or emotional. Research shows that a majority of women relate to the idea that their unfaithful partner/spouse has an addiction (because the betrayal is rarely a one-time event). If this term does not resonate with you, but you feel your world has been damaged by infidelity, please just gloss over the phrase and keep reading.