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Friends and Family: Part 2

Last week we offered a “sex addiction 101” for friends and family. This week, I’ll be expanding on the issue of friend/family support of the couple and the addict.

A Word about Children

Before I begin, however, I just want to acknowledge that children (especially of the addict) will often undergo their own form of betrayal trauma. If

What our Family/Friends Need to Know

As we approach the holiday season, I’m aware that many of us are going to be facing more social situations than usual… ready or not. I’d like to spend the weeks leading up to the holidays looking at ways we can help our friends and family (those who are safe enough to share with) get equipped to support

Spiritual Crisis... and Moving Past

In this last post in our spiritual crisis series, I am again drawing from one of the responses to the 2015 joint Beyond Betrayal/ACOJ spiritual crisis survey. I will also be sharing some of my own story of overcoming spiritual crisis... where it overlaps a bit with this respondent's journey.

This respondent, the wife of a sex addict who

Spiritual Crisis: when church attacks

One of the respondents to the 2015 Spiritual Crisis survey wrote:

“After 13 years of fake recovery, I left him and had two churches turn against me because they believed him… I’m considering joining a bar instead of a new church.”

So many of us, after barely surviving the pain of betrayal, find we then have to endure the

Spiritual Crisis in Ministry Wives

Of the three surveys I have conducted with A Circle of Joy, this one on spiritual crisis was the one that brought forward the most women identifying as:

  • women in ministry
  • pastors' wives/ex-wives or the wife/ex-wife of someone in ministry

It’s fairly clear that women in these positions carry a unique burden of shame and pain around

Spiritual Crisis in Wives of SAs: Part 3

This week we begin exploring spiritual crisis, in wives of sex addicts, that centers on the church and other Christians. Many of the women who responded to our June/July 2015 spiritual crisis survey relayed stories of pain and trauma induced by other Christians and church leaders. This is unfortunately an all too common occurrence worldwide. (See last week’s

Spiritual Crisis in Wives of SAs: Part 2

As mentioned last week, the Beyond Betrayal/JHJ spiritual crisis survey results showed that 63% of women experienced a crisis of faith upon discovery of their husband’s betrayal. The crisis centered on either God, on the church or on both.

At present we are exploring women’s painful feelings toward God and the thoughts that fueled those feeling. In

Spiritual Crisis (in wives of sex addicts)

In June and July 2015, Beyond Betrayal, Journey to Healing & Joy (JHJ) and Donna Meredith-Dixon (A Door of Hope) teamed up to do a survey of wives of sex addicts. The theme of this particular survey was spiritual crisis and spiritual growth. We had a good response, with over 100 women filling out the survey and sharing their stories.

Helping the Church Get it Right: Part 2

Last week I shared the first part of a letter to clergy composed by Adam Moore, a counselor who has worked many years in the field of sex addiction. Today, I give you the rest of that letter, and encourage you to feel free to share both parts with your church (or any church) if they are looking to support