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10 Things I Hate... Part 7

In this final post in the series, 10 Things I Hate About Your Addiction, we take a look at narcissism. As a reminder, this is not an “us versus them,” series. Rather, the goal is to validate what many are seeing in their relationship with a sex addict (or someone with a pattern of problematic sexual behavior) – and help them

10 Things I Hate... Part 6

As we begin the process of wrapping up the 10 Things I Hate About Your Addiction series we are going to take a look at two related character traits often found in sex addicts: pride (this week) and narcissism (next week).

After these posts, my husband, Michael will be posting on "10 Things I Hate about My Addiction" — just to

10 Things I Hate... Part 5

This week the Ten Things I Hate about Your Addiction series continues with a look at apathy.

For those of you who might be new to the series, to date we’ve looked at how sex addiction frequently goes hand-in-hand with:

10 Things I Hate... Part 4

In our first post in the Ten Things I Hate About your Addiction series we looked at the issues of anger and hatred that are so often hallmarks of the addiction. This week we’ll be looking at the obvious next steps from these two poisonous traits… cruelty and violence.


In Beyond Betrayal, I discuss the topic of intimacy

10 Things I Hate... Part 3

This week the Ten Things I Hate About Your Addiction series continues with a look at hypocrisy. To date, we’ve covered off lying & anger and fear & cowardice.

As a reminder, the purpose of this series is to validate what we may be seeing in our marriage to a porn/sex addict or someone with patterns of chronic

10 Things I Hate... Part 2

This week we continue our look at the destructive character traits that too often accompany sex addiction. Last week, we took a close look at the lying and the anger. Today, we’ll continue by looking at fear and cowardice.

Just as a reminder, this series is not an “us against them” rant. Rather the purpose is to help us

10 Things I Hate About... Your Addiction

Betrayal wounds. Terribly. However, as I walk with women on the journey to healing from betrayal, I often hear how it’s not just his betrayal that is harming them.

There’s something about discovering our husband’s sexual/porn addiction that enables us to put down any rose-colored glasses we might have had on and begin to see how

My Husband is Watching Porn... Part 2

Last week I shared the first portion of a resource from Freedom Fight, one of the online ministries my husband uses and recommends. Thank you to everyone who gave feedback on that section: each of you made some very good points. My apologies to anyone who found that post triggering.

Part of our reality is that even those who are

My Husband's Watching Porn... What do I Do?

This week's post is from Ted Shimer of Freedom Fight. Ted contacted me about 10 months ago, after reading Beyond Betrayal, because as someone who designs groups for male addicts, he wanted to make sure he was understanding the wife's side of the story. I really appreciate it when those who work with the men take the time to learn