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The Pain: Fear

Today I want to acknowledge the most common (and natural) fears wives of sex addicts face – fear of future betrayal and fear for our children. Next week I’ll look at the more general and pervasive fears/anxiety that we face on this journey.

Fear Protects

Not all fear is bad. Fear is a God-given mechanism to help us avoid

The Pain

The pain of betrayal runs deeper than words can describe. When women try to express it verbally it’s almost always in the language of graphic violence:

“It felt like I had been stabbed in the heart over and over and was bleeding to death,” said one respondent of the 2104/2015 Survey of Wives of Sex Addicts.

Another stated:

It's His Problem: Why Do I need Help?

by Dan Drake

If you have recently discovered your partner’s secret sexual activities you may have thought or said something very similar to this, “He’s the one with the addiction, so why do I need therapy?” You may (very understandably) be feeling angry at the insinuation that you need support in addition to the support your addicted partner

Questions from WSA: Part 3

Over the last few weeks I've been answering the question: what are the top 10 questions you've heard from wives/partners of porn and sex addicts and how would you answer these? Ted Shimer of Freedom Fight, has now created a handout with these questions and some succinct answers that will become a resource for his organization going forward. Today

Top Questions from WSAs: Part 2

This week we continue with more questions that those still in relationship with their sexually addicted husband often want answered soon after disclosure. Many thanks to Dr Barbara Steffens of APSATS who originally answered our last question today as part of our Ask the Experts series last year.

  1. If my husband has a sex addiction, why is it he never

Top Questions from Wives of Sex Addicts

Recently, Ted Schimer of Freedom Fight asked me if I could share with him what I find to be the most frequently asked questions from wives of porn/sex addicts. Over the next couple of weeks I'll post the questions, and responses, I shared. These questions come from my personal experiences with wives on this journey, as well as from

Facing the Pain

If you discovered your husband’s betrayal/sexual addiction some time recently: this title isn’t going to make any sense to you. Face the pain? The pain is in your face… generally kicking you in the teeth several times a day.

Nevertheless, a time comes when the pain sinks below the surface… and sits there. Initially this feels great.

New Resources for a New Year

In today's post I'm reviewing some of the best resources for the SA and PSA journey that I came across this year.

I'm praying that 2018 is a breakthrough year for all of us. May we know Him as the Healer... the Inspirer.


Keep Walking: 40 Days to Hope and Freedom after Betrayal, by Lynn Marie Cherry

Like so

Surviving Christmas

For a person who has recently undergone betrayal trauma, Christmas may feel like an especially bleak time of year. The themes of “family,” “love,” and “merriment,” can, frankly, grate on one who is barely able to keep breathing because of betrayal pain.

This year—as always—I encourage you to think about self-care. Self-care is not selfishness, it’s pacing