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The Younger PSA

Last week we looked at some of the experiences faced by older wives/partners of sex addicts. Today I'll look at some of the common challenges I see younger PSAs facing.

Cultural Cognitive Distortion

In Beyond Betrayal I discuss the concept of "minimize, rationalize, justify, blame." These are some of the common diversionary tactics of the addict (sex, porn or

Aging: While a PSA

This past week I turned 50. This has caused me to reflect, not for the first time, on the challenges unique to the older betrayed wife. This week I'll share some of these reflections, and next week I'll look at some of the challenges unique to our younger generation of partners of sex addicts.

Body Image

Yesterday, I was talking

What Michelangelo Taught Me About Betrayal

Last month, while in Europe visiting family, my husband, daughter and I went to Florence. We spent three days looking at various well-known works of renaissance art and architecture… to the point where our daughter’s refrain became, “No more art, please!”

Amongst the hundreds of beautiful works by famous artists there was one that particularly stood out to my