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Friends and Family: Part 5

This week we wrap up our series on how friends and family can support the couple healing from his sex addiction/her betrayal trauma.

Earlier posts gave you an introduction to sex addiction and betrayal trauma. They also talked about the power of family/friends to influence the person with the addiction and how to respond appropriately (listen, don’t

Friends and Family: Part 4

Over the last several weeks we’ve been looking at how friends and family can help the couple on a journey to healing from (his) sex addiction and (her) betrayal trauma. In the last post I put particular emphasis on how to support him (the person with the addiction). In summary, lead with truth and grace.

This week we’ll

Friends and Family: Part 3

Last week we looked at the idea that friends and family members have incredible power to help (or hinder) a couple on a journey to healing from (his) sex addiction and (her) betrayal trauma. (Note: in this series we’ll be assuming that he’s the one with the addiction, while at the same time acknowledging that it can be

Friends and Family: Part 2

Last week we offered a “sex addiction 101” for friends and family. This week, I’ll be expanding on the issue of friend/family support of the couple and the addict.

A Word about Children

Before I begin, however, I just want to acknowledge that children (especially of the addict) will often undergo their own form of betrayal trauma. If

What our Family/Friends Need to Know

As we approach the holiday season, I’m aware that many of us are going to be facing more social situations than usual… ready or not. I’d like to spend the weeks leading up to the holidays looking at ways we can help our friends and family (those who are safe enough to share with) get equipped to support