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His Resentment: Part 1

by Dan Drake, MFT, LPCC, CCPS-S, CSAT-S

This latest two-part post by Dan was originally posted on the excellent Banyan Therapy website under the title, So He Needs You to be His Mom and then Later Resents You for it: The impossible role some partners of sex addicts find themselves in

The post is addressed to both betrayed wives (partners

Sex Addiction: It's More than a Statistic

by Donna Meredith Dixon, of A Door of Hope ministries.

Headlines like “Sex addiction may affect 10 percent of men, survey finds: Women make up 40 percent of those affected," are fairly common across news outlets and social media. However, for the most part, awareness of what life is like for the millions struggling with sexual or porn addiction—as

Grace... in its Place

This morning I woke up trying to pinpoint (not for the first time) what it is about a recent Christian movie on sex addiction that doesn’t sit right with me. The main message—that healing from addiction requires coming to realize God’s deep desire for intimate connection with us—is one I wholeheartedly believe.

So, why (in Kiwi

Escaping His Drama

Last week Dan Drake explained how DARVO (deny, attack, reverse, victim, offender) can be used by an SA (or abusive person) to gaslight his wife and protect his addiction. This brought to mind another dynamic seen all too commonly in SA/PSA marriages: the drama triangle.

Stephen Karpman, a student in the transactional analysis school of psychotherapy, first published his

SA and OCD: Part II

Last week certified sex addiction therapist and clinical partner specialist, Dan Drake, began looking at the topic of SA and OCD. This was in response to a community member question: “How often do you find the SA (sex addict) also has OCD?"

You can see the first part of Dan's answer here, where he dives into the various ways "sex

SA and OCD: Ask the Experts

Today we continue our Ask the Experts series with Dan Drake, CSAT and CCPS (APSATS) answering the question “How often do you find the SA also has OCD”?

Dan's Answer This is a good but difficult question: How often do sex addiction and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder go together? I’ve definitely seen these two conditions go together, so let’s

He Won't Admit the Problem: Ask the Experts

This week we kick off our "ask the experts" series with a question from a wife about her husband's porn addiction. Thanks to each of you women who sent in your questions for our experts to answer.

Husband in denial

Community member: Unfortunately, my husband will not acknowledge he has any problem—despite me finding porn on the computer and

10 Things I Hate About my Addiction

by Michael Taylor

There are many things that I hate about my addiction and addiction in general. Over the next two weeks I'll discuss ten of them—but the reality is that the list is longer than that.


The thing that I hate the most about my addiction is the absolute devastation that it has caused my wife, my

10 Things I Hate... Part 7

In this final post in the series, 10 Things I Hate About Your Addiction, we take a look at narcissism. As a reminder, this is not an “us versus them,” series. Rather, the goal is to validate what many are seeing in their relationship with a sex addict (or someone with a pattern of problematic sexual behavior) – and help them