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Gaslighting: Part 2

We are very fortunate to have PSA therapist, MJ Denis, sharing over the next few weeks. Last week, MJ explained the phenomenon of gaslighting — a form of manipulation/emotional abuse that's very familiar to many wives of sex addicts. MJ then went on to briefly introduce the three typical gaslighter profiles, and give us examples of the first: the "glamour"

Gaslighting: Part 1

Over the next several weeks, Texas-based PSA counselor, MJ Denis is going to share on a form of emotional abuse that is familiar to many wives/partners of sex addicts. Many thanks to her for sharing her wisdom with the community!

Surviving Gaslighting: Know Your Gaslighter

by MJ Denis, LPC, LMFT Associate, CST, CCPS

Gaslighting occurs when one person attempts

SA and OCD: Part II

Last week certified sex addiction therapist and clinical partner specialist, Dan Drake, began looking at the topic of SA and OCD. This was in response to a community member question: “How often do you find the SA (sex addict) also has OCD?"

You can see the first part of Dan's answer here, where he dives into the various ways "sex

SA and OCD: Ask the Experts

Today we continue our Ask the Experts series with Dan Drake, CSAT and CCPS (APSATS) answering the question “How often do you find the SA also has OCD”?

Dan's Answer This is a good but difficult question: How often do sex addiction and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder go together? I’ve definitely seen these two conditions go together, so let’s

He Won't Admit the Problem: Ask the Experts

This week we kick off our "ask the experts" series with a question from a wife about her husband's porn addiction. Thanks to each of you women who sent in your questions for our experts to answer.

Husband in denial

Community member: Unfortunately, my husband will not acknowledge he has any problem—despite me finding porn on the computer and

10 Things I Hate... Part 7

In this final post in the series, 10 Things I Hate About Your Addiction, we take a look at narcissism. As a reminder, this is not an “us versus them,” series. Rather, the goal is to validate what many are seeing in their relationship with a sex addict (or someone with a pattern of problematic sexual behavior) – and help them

10 Things I Hate... Part 6

As we begin the process of wrapping up the 10 Things I Hate About Your Addiction series we are going to take a look at two related character traits often found in sex addicts: pride (this week) and narcissism (next week).

After these posts, my husband, Michael will be posting on "10 Things I Hate about My Addiction" — just to

10 Things I Hate... Part 5

This week the Ten Things I Hate about Your Addiction series continues with a look at apathy.

For those of you who might be new to the series, to date we’ve looked at how sex addiction frequently goes hand-in-hand with:

10 Things I Hate... Part 4

In our first post in the Ten Things I Hate About your Addiction series we looked at the issues of anger and hatred that are so often hallmarks of the addiction. This week we’ll be looking at the obvious next steps from these two poisonous traits… cruelty and violence.


In Beyond Betrayal, I discuss the topic of intimacy