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Ask the Expert: Barb Steffens

This week, Barb Steffens, founder of the Association of Partners of Sex Addicts Trauma Specialists (APSATS) answers a Beyond Betrayal community member's questions about the frustration of setting boundaries around her husband's subtle acting out behaviors, hiding and gaslighting.

For those who would like to partake more directly of Barb's wisdom, she will be part of running a one-day workshop

He Won't Admit the Problem: Ask the Experts

This week we kick off our "ask the experts" series with a question from a wife about her husband's porn addiction. Thanks to each of you women who sent in your questions for our experts to answer.

Husband in denial

Community member: Unfortunately, my husband will not acknowledge he has any problem—despite me finding porn on the computer and

Ask the Expert Part 3

This week I have the immense privilege of attending APSATS* training with Barb Steffens — founder of the partner trauma model. I thought I'd share the blessing (of Barb's wisdom) this week with the whole of the community, as she answers another community question.

Partner Question

My husband projects almost everything he does onto me. Everything I can think of, save

Ask the Experts: Part 2

This week we return to our "ask the experts" series, where a sex addiction or partner trauma expert answers your questions. Today's question, about fetishes, is being answered by sex addiction expert, Jason Martinkus who practices out of Denver. Jason and his wife Shelley are well known in this field for their excellent work with—and resources for—men, women