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Please Don't Congratulate Me (on my Divorce)

by Amy Kate

Divorce. What a nasty word. Other than the lawyers who specialize in it, I am not sure anyone likes this word. As a Christian, it wasn't a word I even allowed in my vocabulary for a very long time. I remember very clearly the day I sat with my then fiancé and we agreed we would never

Alone and NOT a Loser (on Valentine's or any other day)

Valentine’s Day. For those whose relationship has not survived sex addiction, it’s a day that seems to rub our singleness in our noses. The implication of the Valentine’s message? "You’re missing out on the ultimate delight — romance. Too bad you’re such a loser."

Those of us who have been married to a man who is

Spiritualizing vs Discerning

Those who walk with with wives of sex addicts can tell you that it's very difficult to help someone who spiritaulizes. Spiritualizing is when we excuse our actions (or more likely, inactions) using scripture or a religious precept.

Below are some of the more common passages of scripture that have been used by wives of sex addicts — or against them