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Helping the Church Get it Right: Part 2

Last week I shared the first part of a letter to clergy composed by Adam Moore, a counselor who has worked many years in the field of sex addiction. Today, I give you the rest of that letter, and encourage you to feel free to share both parts with your church (or any church) if they are looking to support

Surviving Stinkin' Thinkin:' Part 2

Over the last several weeks we have been deconstructing some of the lies wives of sex addicts (as well as their friends and spouses) are being told about “what she needs to be doing.”

A website that I have sent people to for years posted one extremely disappointing article in August. In that post Christians were told that in order

Surviving (the world's) Stinkin' Thinkin'

I’ve written both in the Beyond Betrayal book and here on the blog about stinkin’ thinkin’ aka, “addictive thinking”, aka “minimize, rationalize, justify and blame.” We’ve even delved into some specific types of addictive thinking (and the way it plays out) through MJ Denis’ series on gaslighting.

As wives of sex addicts, we all have to learn to