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"Co-Dependent": Not Healing for Women

In the last few posts we’ve looked at where the co-dependent label is off, and what the factors are that cause co-dependent traits (when the label is closer to the mark). Today I’d like to look closer at why many of our support groups are labeling wives as co-dependent: and why that just isn’t helping.

Why Wives

Surviving Trauma, through Community

This week I began facilitating a new support group. It's always an exciting, but slightly stressful business bringing a new group of women together. Though I rely a great deal on my peer facilitator training guidelines to pre-screen, prepare and introduce each woman into the group — I rely even more on God. Prayer for each of these groups starts many

Learning to Support

I am posting this article today from Colorado – as I attend the IACSAS Redeeming Sexuality and Intimacy conference 2016. (You can read my review of the 2015 conference here.)

One again I find myself surrounded by the people I consider “the greats” in this field of sexual addiction healing, and the treatment of betrayal trauma. It is such a privilege