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Sex Addiction: It's More than a Statistic

by Donna Meredith Dixon, of A Door of Hope ministries.

Headlines like “Sex addiction may affect 10 percent of men, survey finds: Women make up 40 percent of those affected," are fairly common across news outlets and social media. However, for the most part, awareness of what life is like for the millions struggling with sexual or porn addiction—as

"Co-Dependent": Not Healing for Women

In the last few posts we’ve looked at where the co-dependent label is off, and what the factors are that cause co-dependent traits (when the label is closer to the mark). Today I’d like to look closer at why many of our support groups are labeling wives as co-dependent: and why that just isn’t helping.

Why Wives

Surviving Trauma, through Community

This week I began facilitating a new support group. It's always an exciting, but slightly stressful business bringing a new group of women together. Though I rely a great deal on my peer facilitator training guidelines to pre-screen, prepare and introduce each woman into the group — I rely even more on God. Prayer for each of these groups starts many

Learning to Support

I am posting this article today from Colorado – as I attend the IACSAS Redeeming Sexuality and Intimacy conference 2016. (You can read my review of the 2015 conference here.)

One again I find myself surrounded by the people I consider “the greats” in this field of sexual addiction healing, and the treatment of betrayal trauma. It is such a privilege