Ten Things I Hate About... Your Addiction

Betrayal wounds. Terribly. However, as I walk with women on the journey to healing from betrayal, I often hear how it’s not just his betrayal that is harming them.

There’s something about discovering our husband’s sexual/porn addiction that enables us to put down the rose-colored glasses and begin to see how things really are. What we often discover is that there are many harmful character traits that grow along with the habitual sexual immorality.

As we delve into some of the all-too-common character traits seen in sex addicts please be assured that this is not an “us against them” post. Rather the purpose is to help us become better armed to stand against the dysfunction/evil in our midst. It may even help some addicts get free from the snare of sin and “stinkin’ thinkin’.”


The wonderful Coach Katherine from Journey to Healing and Joy once said, “Wherever you have a sex addiction, you also have an addiction to lying and hiding.” Most of us who have lived with a sex addict have discovered, over time, just how true this is.

Many wives of sex addicts report that their husband, not only lies and hides the truth around his sexual acting out, he even lies about all kinds of little things in daily life. Richard Blankenship of IACSAS once said to me, “addicts will lie even when it’s easier and more convenient to tell the truth.” The reason? Habitual fear and distrustfulness. I’ve heard it said that this sort of habitual lying is a “self-protective” response often begun in childhood.

Wherever it comes from, it obviously has no place in marriage, or any healthy relationship. Many, many ex-wives of addicts I’ve talked to have said that it was the lying – more than the betrayal – that ultimately ended their marriage. Lies kill trust. Where there’s no trust, there’s no relationship.

Recovery from habitual lying is often a long process. As I discuss in Beyond Betrayal, my mother (the retired addictions counselor) warned me that the lying would be the last to go. This turned out to be the case. However, Michael made an initial surge toward truthfulness a couple months after disclosure and then spent the next few years, shaking off the last vestiges of his lying habit.

Life with a Liar###

After disclosure, women will range from disbelieving everything their husband tells them to believing everything (even the lies). Most of us vacillate all over the place at various times: sometimes catching him lying and sometimes disbelieving the truth. It’s a painful way to live, but sadly the natural consequences of a life of deceit. Things I found helpful during this period included:

  • Praying for light and truth in our relationship and discernment for myself
  • Remaining watchful
  • Asking tough, clarifying questions in a non-threatening (or “not very threatening”) manner
  • Emotional detachment (I like Shelley Martinkus' metaphor of sitting up in the stands with my popcorn and observing the game)


For we also once were... enslaved to various lusts and pleasures, spending our life in malice and envy, hateful, hating one another. —Titus 3:3

In Beyond Betrayal I discuss the role that shame plays in making addicts angry people who often lash out at their wife and/or children. However, I recently came across a further explanation as to why sex addicts show these signs. Watch this short excerpt of a talk by Dr. William Struthers produced by our friends at Covenant Eyes.

Many of us mothers can readily understand what Struthers is referring to. I remember being shocked to find — in the early days after the birth of my first child — not only would I readily die to protect my son, but I would also kill to protect him as well. That's what it felt like at least.

How like the Enemy to take what God created for the protection of the family, and twist it into a weapon for the family's destruction.

The Results of Anger/Hatred###

Again, there are many women who have left their husband because of the anger toward themselves and their children. Many men, nursing an ill-founded anger and hatred toward their wives, also leave the marriage.

For some men the correlation between acting out and anger/hatred is so obvious, that wives know it as a sure sign of relapse. Common manifestations of the anger/hatefulness include:

  • Blame (for my unhappiness)
  • Irritability (with everyone)
  • Sarcasm
  • Emotional pushing away
  • Thinking about/expressing a desire to be permanently away from others in the family (e.g. death fantasies)
  • Inappropriately angry responses to normal situations, challenges, circumstances, etc.

It is not an overnight process, but as a man leaves behind his sexual sin, he delivers anger and hatred a major blow. As he continues to draw closer to God, and deal with the root causes of his addiction, the behaviors above gradually disappear. In their place will develop a new found love and respect for members of the family and the ability to take responsibility for the unpleasant circumstances, emotions, etc. in his life.

Just as with the lying, the rebuilding of trust within the family of an angry/hateful addict, is usually a long, slow process.

Next week we'll look at the character traits "fear" and "cowardice." This week's song is meant to serve as a reminder that the only real enemy here is the Enemy.

This article was written by:
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Lisa Taylor

Lisa is a PSA trauma survivor, counselor and award-winning author living with her kids & recovering husband in New Zealand. She runs groups and sees international clients via Naked Truth Recovery.


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