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Grace... It's Not Tolerance

Those of you who have read Beyond Betrayal will know I’m a big believer in intimacy. Intimacy with God and others is, in my opinion the most important factor in healing from porn and sex addiction… and it’s a key component in healing from our betrayal trauma as well. An invitation to intimacy extended to our betrayer/husband

Why Forgiveness?

In the first two parts of this latest forgiveness series, Donna Meredith Dixon (see interview below) demonstrates how wives of porn/sex addicts are often pressured to forgive. This pressure can come from the church, her husband and even herself.

The reality is: forgiveness is a multi-step process that takes time and God's help. The process includes disclosure/discovery (we

A Time to Forgive? Part 2

by Donna Meredith Dixon

Sandy thrust open the church door, impatiently swiping at telltale tears. Spying her car, she broke into a jog. As her trembling fingers missed the "unlock" button for the second time, she whispered, “Oh God, how? How can You expect that of me right now?”

Hearing the click of the lock, Sandy threw open the door

A Time to Forgive?

by: Donna Meredith Dixon

Everything on earth has its own time and its own season. (Ecclesiastes 3:1 Contemporary English Version)

Tucking one leg beneath the other, Sandy scrunched even further into the corner of the couch. Face taut, body trembling, she barely looked up as Cindy, her church women’s director, continued speaking.

“Sandy, Paul’s been attending his

Forgiving "Him" Part 4

This week, Marcella wraps up her excellent series on Forgiving "Him" (the one who betrayed us) with more on her forgiveness journey. Realizing the cost of unforgiveness, versus the benefits of forgiveness, helped Marcella to move forward. Ultimately, though... it was "pressing in" that made all the difference.

Thank you Marcella for sharing your heart and wisdom! For more on

Forgiving "Him" Part 3

In the early stages of our journey, "Forgiveness" might be seem like another "F" word. It's not something we want to hear or think about. That's normal, and nothing to stress about. Putting pressure on ourselves to forgive (or giving in to someone else's pressure) simply increases our burden and pain at a time when "surviving this" is our main

Forgiving "Him": Part 2

Last week, counselor and fellow sister on this journey, Marcella Burns, launched a series on forgiving our sex addict husband. There was some good discussion around this on Facebook including a post where Marcella shared more of her story. She also mentioned that it took her four years, after her husband's arrest, to embark on her forgiveness journey. Thus, it's

Forgiving "Him": Part 1

My dear friend, Marcella Burns, has said she used to be the "queen of bitterness" (not surprising given the enormous story of betrayal that rocked her whole family). However, God has walked her through an incredible journey of forgiveness. I'm pleased that she can share some of what she's learned on that journey over the next few weeks.

Understanding Forgiveness