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You Have Heard It Said, Part 2

Last week we looked at some of the scriptures that are often used to abuse (i.e. berate, blame, trap) wives of sex addicts. Today we will look at some scriptures that would seem to say something quite different to us. We will end by exploring how we know where to focus and what to do.

Thank you for the

You Have Heard it Said... But I Say

I find it incredibly painful to hear scripture being used to keep the wife of a sex addict in an unhealthy place. Sometimes it’s her husband that’s quoting the passages, sometimes it’s her pastor or another Christian. Sometimes she herself is quoting scriptures to try and justify inaction in the face of evil.

The use of scripture

Enough is Enough: Part 2

Last week was the first segment in an article by bestselling author Pastor Gary Thomas. Today, Gary continues with his thoughts on the church's stand on divorce: in the face of abuse (including porn addiction and abuse).

Gary began the message by quoting the following passage:

If anyone comes to me and does not hate father and mother, wife and

Enough is Enough

Reprinted with permission from the blog of best-selling author, Pastor Gary Thomas.

If anyone comes to me and does not hate father and mother, wife and children, brothers and sisters—yes, even their own life—such a person cannot be my disciple. — Luke 14:26

What does it mean to “hate” someone we are elsewhere called to sacrificially love? We

Do I Just Lack Faith?

Spiritual crisis is one the topics that comes up a lot with wives of sex addicts. Most of us (64% according my 2015 survey respondents) have walked that road at some point and to some degree. This is a topic that both Donna and I find weighing on our hearts frequently.

One of the spiritual crisis questions I have not

Spiritual Growth: Wrap Up

Last week I looked at two of the ways that spiritual growth is making a big difference in the lives of wives of sex addicts: the first was survival (plain and simple) and the second was healing.

There are two other areas of this journey where I (and others) are benefitting from our more “up close and personal” relationship with

Spiritual Growth: How Does it Help?

Over the last two weeks I’ve reported on the spiritual growth that many of our Spiritual Crisis survey respondents experienced. This growth came, for most of these women, after a crisis of faith initiated by discovery of their husband’s betrayal of them.

I’ve also shared some of my own story of getting to know God better as

Spiritual Growth: Part 2

Last week I wrote that 79% of the Spiritual Crisis survey respondents (June/July survey with A Circle of Joy) stated that they had grown spiritually as a result of their husband's betrayal. Of course, this growth was not immediate. 68% of respondents underwent a spiritual crisis in the aftermath of discovery. However, as I pointed out last week, spiritual

Spiritual Growth: Part 1

Finding out our husband has betrayed us can, in the words of one Spiritual Crisis survey respondent, “leave us questioning everything we thought we knew about God.” As it so happens, many of us could benefit from some questioning because a lot of what we thought we knew about God, doesn't hold up well under close scrutiny.

Thus, the upside